Company Identity


Specializing in security and tracking services, Anchete was established in 1998. BornTeck is an independently held and moneyed company based in the state of Minnesota. Powered by incredibly simple to use user interfaces, substantial performance, aggressive quality assurance, and devoted client service, BornTeck has actually turned into one of the most relied on market leaders in the computer system tracking market.


Since its creation, BornTeck has actually devoted itself to developing acclaimed tracking services that cater not just to business networks and massive business, but to individual home users, and moms and dads too. BornTeck success has actually resulted in the advancement of a host of tracking items customized for particular environments and users.


NetVizor has actually been regularly chosen by worldwide business and small-business networks for asset-protection, user activity management, and total centralized security.

SentryPC, on the other hand, has actually assisted moms and dads watch on, and govern their kid’s computer system activities. BornTeck large variety of keeping an eye on options have actually been executed in numerous federal government, military, business, and academic centers global - in addition to offering tracking options to many customers.



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